How would you like to have invested in Microsoft in 1980? Or in Google in 2000?

That would be terrific, right?  But how do you find a new Microsoft or Google among zillions software and Internet startups?

We suggest a completely different approach. Instead of investing in a company with a few successful innovations we offer an opportunity to invest in the company built with a single goal: to create innovations for others.  To invest in a technology think tank, so to speak.

OAK Novations Ltd. is a New Jersey startup with a unique business model. We are an invention-sourcing company seeking simple but unusual and efficient inventions in the developing world. Upon finding them, we obtain exclusive American rights and attempt to monetize them here.

An example of an ideal invention along these lines would be the Rubik’s Cube: something highly entertaining, yet inexpensive to manufacture, with almost half a billion units sold and still going strong.

Furthermore, we enlist the inventors to work for us as consultants to solve our clients’ technology problems. Our mission is to utilize the talent of thousands of brilliant inventors living in poorer countries with inefficient patent systems – and help them get rewarded for their creative labor. At this time, we have signed up seven talented foreign inventors and have a right of first refusal on all of their creations.

Today OAK Novations Ltd. Is a proud owner of eight US patents in the areas of automotive industry, eco-friendly disposable tableware and various consumer products. These are eight legally protected products/technologies ready for appropriate marketing and manufacturing activities!

Additionally, we have roughly a dozen patent applications in the works and a few dozen more inventions waiting for funding to begin development. We aim to become an innovation machine, an inexhaustible pipeline producing thousands of inventions for various industries.

Our method is proven, and we have achieved all of the above with our own very limited family savings. Now we need sufficient funding to fully realize our goals. Are you interested in exploring this one-of-a-kind opportunity?  If so, please contact us!