mirror01About Us

We are a start-up company devoted to accessing the talent of creative minds across the world, particularly, the Third World. While Western inventors enjoy all imaginable sorts of support, inventors in the Third World countries are deprived of those opportunities.  OAK specializes in recruiting foreign, underemployed technical creative minds, and bringing their talents to bear on the US market. There is a wealth of unaccessed talent across the globe, and by utilizing that talent, OAK will bring many new inventions, new ideas, and new monetary wealth to the US market.  At the same time those foreign inventors will be duly rewarded for their work.

OAK has two primary businesses with several variations. The first business is the acquisition and resale or licensing of new inventions from foreign contributors. A portion of the revenues generated through commercialization of the invention will be returned to the contributors, and OAK will use the rest of the money for its continued search for new contributors and develop new inventions.  Every invention submission is translated into English, analyzed from a market appeal standpoint, scrutinized for patentability and freedom to operate in the US, and then – if it passes all those hurdles – accepted for patenting.

OAK’s second primary business is consulting/inventing-on-demand. OAK not only seeks out contributors, but signs them on to work on a contract basis with the company for comparatively low (by American standards) rates. The engineers and technical designers of OAK will solve outside problems for a fee, and OAK will deliver their products and interface with the customers, as well as provide marketing, sales, and other support.  Currently, OAK contracted seven inventors from the former USSR who submit their new inventions to us exclusively and works on our clients’ problems using Inventigator ™ concept.